Introduction Flickz - The DVD Movie Organiser

Flickz is an ideal solution for keeping track of your DVD or Blu-ray movie library. The main aims in designing Flickz were speed, compactness and linkage to other data sources. Whereas many other movie organizer programs that are widely available allow you to record extremely detailed information about every aspect of your collection Flickz, by contrast, stores only a modest but important sub-set of the total amount of information available. Please ensure you read all these help documents in order to fully understand the depth of information that is recorded.

The real power of Flickz lies in it's unique Display Filter search facility and the in-depth hyperlinked cross-referencing built into the HTML web pages that can be generated by the program. These pages not only form the basis of a self-contained personalized web site, but also serve as a research springboard into The Internet Movie Database via a movie title or cast member link. If you would like to see some examples of the quality of HTML pages produced by Flickz, you are welcome to view My Private DVD Collection of around 1400+ titles.

Flickz also creates a corresponding sub-set of web pages that are optimized for viewing on a PDA type hand-held device. As well as the facility to export the details as text, there is also a comprehensive backup and restore facility to ensure that your data is always safe and sound.

Entering a new title is simplicity itself, since all necessary details, including a thumbnail image and plot summary are automatically imported from The Internet Movie Database. This does, of course, assume that you have a working internet connection, preferably broadband. In fact without such a connection, Flickz will not be of much benefit to you!

The majority of the screenshots in this documentation are based on a different database to the one that Flickz initially ships with. The supplied initial database contains only three movies, 2001, Alexander and The Italian Job (2003). Start building up your own database of movies by adding the DVD's in your collection and then simply delete any of the sample entries that are not applicable.

Important: Unless you live within the UK you must change the Certification Country Code to match the locale where you reside before starting to add new movies! Please consult the technical document A Guide to Movie Ratings & Country Codes for more information.
Installation note

For the purposes of this documentation it is assumed that the package was installed in the default C:\Flickz\ folder (or directory) and all file references are made with regard to this location. The actual installer program, however, allows you to select any location of your choice. When reading this documentation therefore, please substitute your actual install location whenever a reference to C:\Flickz\ is mentioned.

Navigational note

There are two distinct types of hyper-link used throughout this documentation. This type of link is used to denote a jump to a different document or any external links to third-party sites such as those shown below. By contrast, this type of link is used for local navigation within the confines of the document you are currently reading and also to display supporting screenshots.

Where can I get it

Flickz is not currently available on any of the usual software distribution sites but you can download a copy of the latest version here. Flickz was developed using Visual Basic 2010 Express (under Windows 7). Your computer MUST have a Windows .NET version of 3.5 or higher in order for it to run.


If you download and use Flickz I would appreciate some feedback and comments, especially if encounter any problems or difficulties. Please email me at the following address: Thanks.