Magical History Tour - Christmas 2009

154 Line Art

Souvenir On-Line Booklet

Historical notes researched and compiled by Jack Plowman ©2009

Booklet composition and HTML programming by Kevin Kennedy

The Complete Route
Stage 1: St James to Derngate
Gold Street
Mercer's Row
Wood Hill
Stage 2: Derngate to Abington Park
Cheyne Walk
Billing Road
Ardington Road
Christchurch Road
Park Avenue South
Stage 3: Abington Park to The Five Bells
Abington Avenue
Abington Grove
Kingsley Road
Kingsthorpe Grove
High Street
Stage 4: The Five Bells to The Drapery
Harborough Road
Kingsthorpe Hollow
Regent's Square
Sheep Street
Church Lane
Victoria Street
Lady's Lane
Stage 5: The Drapery back to St James
Mercer's Row
Wood Hill
George Row
The Drapery
Horse Market
1936 Route Map

Northampton County Borough Directory 1936