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Lower Deck This turned out to be an excellent tour with almost 40 members enjoying an extremely cold but sunny afternoon. Luckily, the snow that fell earlier in the week, had cleared enough to prevent the trip from being cancelled. Upper Deck These first two pictures (lower deck on the left, upper deck on the right) were taken by the Chronicle and Echo photographer at the St James depot at the start of the journey. A report eventually appeared just over a week later in the paper on December 14th. A preview article that was published a couple of days before the trip took place, erroneously featured a picture of bus 246 instead of 154. Please scroll down the page to view a scanned copy of both these reports.

Outside Eastgate After completing the first 4 lines of the journey, we stopped off at our first port of call, the Eastgate in Abington Street. How many years has it been since you last saw a Northampton Corporation Transport bus in this neck of the woods?. The Crew These second two pictures were taken by Gillian Evans who was there to cover the event for the Wetherspoon News. This in-house magazine will hopefully feature our article when it's published early in 2011. The picture on the right features Anna, the landlady of the Eastgate, proudly displaying a copy of the souvenir booklet specially produced for this event. Not quite sure who those rather dubious looking characters are standing behind her!

Adelaide 01 After a pleasant 40 minute stay at the Eastgate we continued on our journey, covering the last 3 lines of the route and finishing at the Queen Adelaide in Kingshorpe. Adelaide 02 Paul, the landlord, provided some fabulous Yorkshire puddings together with an excellent gravy dip. Just what we needed since the mercury was already well below zero by the time we arrived. These last two photos were taken by myself in the Queen Adelaide car park. Until this trip, pictures of 154 in a dark winter night-time setting were virtually non-existant. Notice the thermal underwear to keep her radiator warm!

Many thanks to all the members who attended this event. Almost £150 was raised towards the on-going upkeep of 154. Without the continued support of all our members, this society could not survive. Also a special thanks to Bob Edwards who acted as conductor on the day.


Chronicle & Echo 14th December 2010

Chronicle & Echo 3rd December 2010 (oops! wrong picture)

Wetherspoon News Magazine (Mar/Apr 2011)