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Westbridge Line
How to Navigate the Maps

Each pub location on the map above is a hot-spot that becomes active when your cursor hovers over it and a tool-tip will appear giving the name of the pub at that point. If you then click the hot-spot you will be taken to the corresponding entry for that pub within Jack's on-line book, Northampton Pubs and Their Signs. To return to the same tube map after reading the entry, use your brower's back button or click the corresponding entry in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

In the case of pubs indentified by a letter and a number (eg; M6), you need to position the cursor over the M6 part, rather than the adjoining station stub. In the case of pubs located in the back streets that are identified by a square, diamond or circle and a number, you need to position your cursor over the graphic rather than the number. Because of the close proximity on the maps of one pub to another, each hot-spot is limited to a circular area of only 12 pixels radius.

The alphabetic index at the top of each page are direct links to the corresponding sections within Jack's book.