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First delivered to Northampton Corporation Transport in 1947, this Daimler CVG 6 worked on the local bus routes covering 620,790 miles within the town boundary until it was withdrawn from service in 1964. It was then converted and used as a driver training vehicle during the period 1965-1969. After this, 154 saw little use and was eventually de-licensed in 1973. With the advent of the Greyfriars Bus Station in the mid-seventies however, 154 was given a further lease of life as a promotional vehicle to distribute information about this new town facility. After this task was over in 1978, the vehicle was simply stored in a shed at the back of the St James bus depot. Gone perhaps, but certainly not forgotten.

The 154 Preservation Society was formed in 1990 and, since then, has spent over £10,000 restoring this wonderful vehicle. Having subsequently purchased a 1968 example of the same type of vehicle (JVV 267G), this is now operational after the fitting of a replacement engine. During her many outings during the dry summer months, 154 has travelled as far as Halifax in Yorkshire and has now completed a grand total of over 650,000 miles.

Please note that as we do not hold a Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence we are unable to undertake any form of private hire work such as weddings etc.

As from December 2015, no new membership applications or renewals will be accepted.